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Experience Counts.


We have a proven track record.

Embertech has ample experience in large-scale projects. We have successfully manufactured and installed significant components for major waterway control systems, including those within the Trent-Severn system. We are experts at:

  • The fabrication, installation and maintenance of various components of hydroelectric turbines and dams including: turbines, pumps, gates, shafts, valves, generators, railings, crushers, stackers and catwalks

  • The fabrication, installation and maintenance of structural steel towers

  • Heavy industrial plant maintenance

  • Equipment decommissioning and relocation

We understand the environment.

Embertech understands that our work often happens in environmentally sensitive areas. Even in the most challenging of terrains, we do our utmost to protect natural features such as waterways, trees, species at risk, and the existing landscape both directly, and indirectly. We have acquired a thorough understanding of environmental regulations and work effectively within ministry regulations and guidelines.

We know the process.

Engaging with Embertech means a seamless client experience. We are responsive to our clients’ needs, whether they require a quick quote, an extensive proposal, or something in between. We provide competitive and clear quotes, EOI and responses to RFPs.


Horizontal Hydro Turbine and Headgate Installation – Parry Sound

 An Embertech team of skilled machinists, millwrights and welders, along with other contractors, successfully completed the turbine and install of three of the water control gatesin the fall of 2018.

The project site was familiar - Embertech had been maintaining the original facility for over 20 years. But this was a whole new installation, and Embertech took on the project with great enthusiasm calling on their ample talent, experience and resourcefulness.

Embertech successfully completed installation and precise alignment of the turbine, shaft and generator to extraordinary tolerance and meeting the desired timelines of the overall construction schedule.


Extraordinary Collaboration

Embertech was one of approximately 15 different teams with a role in the broader project, calling on exceptional collaboration and organization.


One of the challenges was putting the embedded steel transition pieces into place in the construction environment prior to the building and other components being assembled. But the Embertech team executed the work seamlessly.


Embertech designed and fabricated both the intake and tailrace gates, and a bypass gate through the dam for excess water flows.


Control gate test fit.


To hoist the massive 160,000-pound generator assembly with a single lift meant bringing an 850-tonne crane to the job site.


Embertech completed the installation of the draft tubes with a level of skill and expertise that enabled the construction schedule to stay on track, on schedule without any issues or concerns.


In progress with the stay assembly in place.


The six-blade Kaplan turbine runner prior to install.